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Learn from the mind behind the International Best Seller, “The Prison Effect


Sometimes it is hard to see whether or not you are dedicating enough time to yourself. We get caught up in time with our kids, time with our spouse, time with our friends, time with our family… but when do you get some time to just be YOU?

Alena Chapman is here to help bring you back to that very important person in your life that needs attention as well… YOURSELF!

Get a FREE excerpt from her International Best Seller titled The Prison Effect: Discover How You Are Blocking Your Own Happiness and Break Free to Abundance and Joy in Life.

In this FREE excerpt titled Valuing Yourself: You Can’t Escape From a Prison If You Don’t Know You’re in One, she talks about her struggles through her divorce and describes how she was able to overcome the fear and anxiety that surrounds the “D” word.

"It’s time that we took back our lives and started valuing ourselves and our time on this earth."

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